Step 3 Assignment (Be sure to click “Submit”!!)

Step 3 Completion…  INSTRUCTIONS (required before starting Step 4):

If you are not 100,000% sure you have logged in to LDI’s “6 Steps to Freedom” training course AND completed the first 3 Steps of training, enter this into your browser: , being sure you read ALL of Part I and Part II.

COACHES CHALLENGE, and important reminder:

Do this IMMEDIATELY after finishing Step 3 (remember, this means you have logged-in to SITE and completed the first 3 LDI training steps)… do NOT wait, do NOT procrastinate!

If I think you are beginning to lollygag and not treat this seriously, we will need to be done here. How serious are you about changing your life, about achieving wealth? If you are going to approach this passively and without hunger or urgency, have the courtesy to let me know now that you are quitting, so that I don’t spin my wheels via myself or my personal assistant calling, texting, and emailing.

Remember, coaches can encourage and inspire, while other times they challenge you! If you got offended by what I wrote above? You are probably the person who needed to read it! Open your mind to critique, and criticism, and heed the advice of your mentors! I know what it takes for you to achieve wealth, and it requires that thirst, hunger, drive, and determination. The question is: Will you listen?

So, if you remain serious? Let’s do this! Please do this right now ( and be sure to watch the video AFTER submitting the form):

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