-WELCOME APPOINTMENT (Do this page only AFTER watching the video on the “Home” page)

Please read ENTIRE PAGE before watching video at the bottom!

Again: Please READ this to understand what I need you to do before any appointment requests, doing any training steps, or similarly. And remember, there are SKYPE INSTRUCTIONS at the bottom of the page…
I do NOT work with  everyone, so it is important you act with urgency to show me why I should coach you.
This is NOT a “get rich quick”. It is not a lottery ticket. It is not a “pyramid scheme”. This is me showing you a proven business system that can help you change your life, period.  I literally have friends making $50,000 & $60,000 per month with this business model! You read that right, not a year, but a month!

So, keep in mind, that does not happen overnight! This is a process. It is a marathon and not a sprint. I am saying it is absolutely and 100% possible, and you will get out of this what you put into it. (Though legally, no promises or guarantees are made or implied! My results may not be typical for you.) My goal is to show you what will be required to be making $10,000 per month as soon as humanly possible! It will require sacrifice and effort, but amazingly it is also REAL. I have had people make their first few high ticket commissions in a couple to few weeks… I have had others who never make a penny! Which will you be?

OK… you will need to watch my ENTIRE “getting started” video (below), and send me answers to ALL 6 questions asked in the video. You will need to Skype message me or Facebook message me the answers, just as described in the video. My contact info to do that is also below the video. It is REQUIRED that you send me the answers to these 6 questions BEFORE I can open your training, and they must be typed and sent to me, not a picture of hand-written notes (I copy and paste the answers to your account ).

As soon as you do as I ask in that video, we will begin this process of earning you more money than you ever dreamed possible. Do this without delay, thanks so much, I look forward to it!



Office phone: (801) 203- (Don’t leave voicemail, I do not check voicemail! Skype or Facebook please…)
Skype ID: scott.hess15
Facebook pagefacebook.com/coach
Email– scott@
Again, Skype or Facebook is REQUIRED!
I do not know one person in this industry making 6 figures who does NOT have a Skype account! It is FREE…  so, don’t pay for anything, just add Skype to your device and send me a contact request, or let me know you got it by email, thank you!

Guidance or Assistance needed with Skype or Facebook?

First, did you watch the video, above? If not, watch that first. There are two acceptable methods of communication: Skype, and Facebook. SKYPE IS STRONGLY PREFERRED. If you are located outside the United States, Skype is required because it allows us to talk “Skype-to-Skype” for 100% free. Do NOT purchase anything! The free version of Skype is acceptable.

Here are videos to assist:

First, a couple of Skype tutorials:

Short video on getting Skype added to your PC or phone. If you have a hard time seeing the video, after pressing “play” simply click the square in the bottom-right of the video to maximize the screen.

How to send Coach Scott a contact request, and add him on Skype.

Quick Facebook set-up tutorial from Coach Scott. If you have a hard time seeing the video, after pressing “play” simply click the square in the bottom-right of the video to maximize the screen.

Skype ID: scott.hess15
Skype is ALWAYS preferred!
Facebook message: facebook.com/coach