-Step 6 Strategy Session info

My Strategy Session scheduling page is currently “hidden”. You will only be directed there when appropriate. If you believe you have done all as requested & required, send me a Skype message (my Skype ID is: scott.hess15 ), or send me a Facebook message using the blue button at facebook.com/coachbyscott . I am super excited to help you to a life of FREEDOM and WEALTH, blessing those around you, and taking care of your family how you have always dreamed! However, in order to qualify for the Strategy Session, ALL of these things must be done:

1- You have watched the entire video beginning-to-end on my Home page (whether on my site, or at your training site).
2- You have watched the video on the Welcome Appointment page, AND followed the instructions in that video (meaning, you’ve sent me the answers to the questions you were asked in the video).
3- You have completed the first 6 Steps of the actual training system, including:
4- You have completed the “Step 3 Assignment” page at this site, submitted the form, and watched the short video you are taken to after clicking “Submit”.
5- You have watched both the Step 6a and Step 6b videos of your training system.

If all those things are done, please message me immediately for our one-on-one appointment & Strategy Session, thank you!